Sunday, 27 October 2013

One Way Of Finding Fashion Inspiration

This is one way I find fashion inspiration. Others being Youtubers, fashion blogs, if I see anything fabulous, etc...
WeHeartIt & Instagram
(I do not own the images below, just found on WeHeartIt yo)

I love it when I'm on my iPhone on these two apps, like when I'm on the bus or a free at college, so I can just save the image and keep the idea/inspiration on my phone. I always look through my pictures, and so I know I will see it later on in the day...
I have 2 oversized white sheer shirts (none of them are fitted whatsoever) which I just picked up in the charity shop, and this picture gives me the idea to roll up the sleeves, roll up the hem to make it look cropped, and also that I can partner the shirt with so many items. I have loads of pictures saved featuring a sheer shirt!

This is pretty damn casual, wearing this to college on a "I can't be bothered" day, can make me look put together and looking nice, and not showing I just couldn't be bothered! That jacket looks sort of like a biker jacket, but I can use whatever type of jacket I have, with a plain jumper or top, and my black jeans and boots. Simple lazy day outfit!

I really like this outfit, especially all the jewellery and the watch. I'm still trying to get a collection of rings together, and a lush gold watch at some point... but I like how a flannel shirt can be paired with almost anything to give a laid back (and sometimes chic) look. Win-win for lazy days.

This outfit looks pretty cute in autumn, with the suede boots and socks, but in England it will probably be far too cold for bare legs so I'll skip that and wear some black tights. A dress with a jumper on top looks pretty easy to throw on, and maybe it means I can also wear my summer dresses, yaaaah!

This makes me want to go and buy some patterned tights (that haven't got a ton of holes in) and wearing a long patterned shirt and a long denim jacket. Probably will be a bit too cold to wear something quite like this right now though...

I really love this outfit, especially the dark lips, and the shoes with frilly socks. I don't own very similar clothes to these, but I'm sure I could come up with something I like just as much.


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