Sunday, 27 October 2013

Taking A Closer Look

Since leaving school over a year ago now, and moving on to college, I have definitely been exposed to new things, and sparked new interests. I've grown an interest in contemporary dance, branching away from just purely ballets, I moved on from just watching beauty gurus on Youtube, to constantly reading fashion and lifestyle blogs and I've redecorated my room into my 'relaxing sanctuary.

I've always talked to myself, and spoke in dramatic film-like monologues alone in my room, and maybe I can translate that into text... into my own blog! I want to write about myself, performingbeauty and fashion.

I want to try and look deeper into things, research different music, find artists, take in more new inspirations, and I think writing a blog is a perfect way to document all of this.

(& also improve my layout!)

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